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Reusable Porch Sign for Creative Decorating All Year!

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Large porch chalkboard and magnetic stenciling kit- includes 2 alphabets of magnetic reusable letter stencils and 6 erasable paint pens for DIY welcome signs and holiday signs

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall-

Easily Craft a Sign to Greet them All!


With our patented Porch Chalkboard kit, every season and holiday is a new opportunity to create your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Craft gorgeous, Pinterest-worthy DIY signs without any special skills - just a bit of your imagination!

Includes Everything You Need to Start Crafting Your Own Signs

Porcelain Coated Steel Chalkboard

  • 58" x 7" x .6"-  A big sign for a big impression!

  • Porcelain Coated Steel- smooth and non-porous surface lets our pens glide across effortlessly, providing you stunning results and easy hassle-free clean up.

  • Sturdy 7 lbs - Enjoy peace of mind knowing your sign won't tip or blow over thanks to its hefty construction.

  • Weather Resistant Coating - ensures your sign will remain a beautiful and functional addition to your porch for seasons to come

2 Alphabets of Magnetic Letter Stencils

What Makes Magnetic Chalkboard Stencils So Amazing?

  • Wonderfully Easy- Just place the stencils then trace with our pens. Affixes firmly in place, but let you easily reposition- so you get your design just right before you paint.

  • Flexible, Durable & Reusable - Our stencils can be used again and again so you can enjoy years of crafting fun!

  • 3x Thicker Than Plastic Stencils - Our stencils are 3 times thicker than plastic stencils, providing a strong and sturdy guide for your pens to create clean, precise lines that will make your signs (and your porch) look absolutely amazing.

Includes 2 Alphabets of Magnetic Stencil Letters

  • Magnetic Alphabet of 4" Capital Letter Stencils - Let's you craft a big message for big impressions. Set includes an extra A & E.  

    Tip: Whenever you need the 2 or more of the same letter in your word, simply substitute the second letter with the letter X. Fill in the first letter, remove the stencil, then replace the X stencil with your needed letter.

  • Magnetic Alphabet of 2-4" Cursive Lowercase Letter Stencils  - Our cursive letter stencils contrast beautifully with the large capital letter stencils. Perfect for creating greeting words and connector words

6 Erasable Paint Pens

  • Erasable & Waterproof -Your beautiful designs will not disappear in the rain. 

  • Bold & Vibrant Colors -  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white paint pens to let you create eye catching colorful signs that will make your porch décor POP!

  • Match Your Porch Décor-Create colorful signs to coordinate with your shutters, flowers or holiday decorations making your home's entrance a showstopper. 

  • No Mess & No Stress -With our paint pens there is no fretting over wasting expensive pastes, no drippy brushes to clean or delicate transfers to soak- just snap the pen cap! 

  • As Easy as Coloring - If you can color, you can create amazing signs. Relax, sit back and let your creativity flow, and enjoy the stress-relieving, nostalgic feeling of coloring while creating something unique you.

1 Eraser Sponge

  • Melamine Eraser Sponge- Easily clean up your chalkboard  with our melamine sponge. Similar to a Mr. Clean®️ Magic Eraser, it works along well with common household cleaning agents to get a clean slate for your next design.

    For Complete Instructions Visit Our How to Guide


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What Makes

Plata Chalkboards Special?



Just place & trace.

No wiggles, no jiggles, no sticky tape, no muss no fuss!

Erasable Paint Pens

Coloring is fun- mix colors & layer colors with no drippy brushes to clean or transfers to soak.

Uniquely You

Why settle for a boring generic welcome sign? Have the most unique sign on the block.

Reusable Fun

Crafting fun all year long! Winter, spring, summer, fall, this one sign will do it all!

Making Your Own Signs

is easy - just place & trace!

Place the Stencil

  • No tape or frustrating stencil adhesives

  • No sticky transfers to


  • Easy to move & reposition to get your design right before you 


Color with Pens

  • 3x thicker than plastic stencils- firm edge for tracing

  • No messy brushes to clean 

  • Choose colors to match your holiday decor, flowers or shutters

Remove Stencil

  • Flexible & reusable

  • Durable for years of 

    crafting fun

  • No cleaning- for more time

    crafting & less time soaking transfers

Erase & Reuse

  • Clean with Rubbing Alcohol, Lysol®️ Disinfectant or other common cleaners

  • New porch décor all year!

  • Use for all reasons- Birthdays, Graduations, First Day of School, Weddings

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Porch Chalkboard DIY Sign Craft Kit

Craft Custom Signs with Ease Using Our Patented Magnetic Stenciling System

58" x 7" x 6" Magnetic Chalkboard

  • High quality porcelain coated steel

  • Non-porous surface for easy cleaning

  • Weather resistant coating 

  • Welded D-rings installed for hanging

  • Sturdy 7 lbs

4" Magnetic Alphabet of Stencil Letters

  • Capital letter stencils

  • Includes an extra A & E stencil letters

  • Flexible, durable reusable stencils

  • Does not require stencil adhesives or tape

  • 3x thicker than plastic stencils

  • Includes resealable bag for storage

2" -  4" Magnetic Alphabet of Cursive Stencil Letters

  • Cursive letter stencils for easy calligraphy

  • Includes an extra A & E stencil letters

  • Flexible, durable reusable stencils

  • Does not require stencil adhesives or tape

  • 3x thicker than plastic stencils

  • Includes resealable bag for storage

6 Chalk Paint Pens

  • Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & White Painting Pens

  • Water-based non-toxic acrylic paint

  • Dustless & odorless

  • Quality Japanese tips, 2 extra included

  • 6 g of ink per pen

  • Approved for ages 3 and above

  • Complies with ASTM 4236-D & EN 71

1 Cleaning Eraser Sponge

  • Melamine Sponge 

  • Non-Abrasive 


We're a family-owned business and take pride in personally handling all aspects of your order. We pick, pack, and ship your order from our very own warehouse.

We know you're excited to start crafting, so if you place your order before 12pm EST, we'll do our absolute best to ship it to you the very same day. If not, It'll be shipped out to you the very next business day.

Now, we must admit, there may be times when our family has something special going on and your shipment may be delayed by one day, if that is the case, we will reach out to you to let you know. 


We want you to truly love crafting your signs as much as our family does! 

If, for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase, simply return it to us within 60 daysof your purchase for a full refund. 


We try to make your return quick and easy. Simply send us an email at info@platachalkboards.com and make sure to include your order number in the subject line. We'd love to know why you're returning your items, so we can keep improving and serving our customers even better.

Once we receive your email, we'll send you a RMA (return merchandise authorization) along with the return-to shipping address. When you package up your item(s), please make sure to do so thoughtfully to avoid any damage during shipping. 

As soon as we get your package back, we'll send you an email to let you know we've received it and your refund is on the way. Refunds typically take 5-10 business days to process.

We are here to help you with any questions and guide you every step of the way! 

A Square Dance & A Platypus

our crazy family story of 
Plata Chalkboards

The Square Dance

It all started with our celebration of my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. Family gathered from all over the county for a big old fashioned square dance.

We had a lot to celebrate! After a long treatment for breast cancer, my amazing doctors at Mass General Hospital had given me a clean bill of health- a gift like none other. Early cancer detection saved my life, this is why we proudly support The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Photo Booth

We decided to create a photobooth with lots silly props to take fun photos to remember this extraordinary day.

One of the props was a small chalkboard sign. 

The Little Chalkboard

After the party, I found the little sign and wrote Merry Christmas on it- I absolutely loved it! I loved coming home to my homemade signs- it felt so personal and un-generic, but it got tedious to redo every time it rained and my handwriting is not the best, but that's when I had my AHA moment! 

What if the stencils were magnetic and the pens were somehow waterproof but erasable- then I could create beautiful custom signs that could be changed throughout the year! 

Plata the Platypus

I loved creating my holiday chalkboards signs, but it was just a fun hobby until I lost my job. Like any family, we were devastated, but we took it as a "sign" that we needed to make our chalkboard business a reality! 

We all chipped in and each had our own part, but we could not decide upon a name. At yet another family meeting, my daughter brought her best friend and constant companion, a stuffed purple platypus named Plata. That's when it struck us- our chalkboards are waterproof and unique just like our beloved Plata! 

QVC/HSN Big Find

Plata Chalkboards and 2400 other companies took a chance and entered a 2 minute video to the QVC and HSN Big Find Product Pitch Competition. We were stunned, thrilled and so nervous to present our products to their panel of judges. We thought our chalkboard craft kits were special, but would the judges? They did! They presented us with the Big Ticket and invited us to join the family of HSN brands! It was a such a joyful moment- the kids danced around the room and we let it soak in this amazing opportunity before us! 

Customer-Created Masterpieces

Celebrate Every Season with Our Porch Chalkboard

See how creative our customers have been with their large porch chalkboards! From welcoming guests to celebrating different holidays and seasons, our chalkboard is the perfect canvas for expressing your creativity. Browse through our customer reviews and pictures for inspiration and ideas.

Get Creative!

Mix & Match Stencils Sets

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Mary S. (Wayne, US)
Easy To Be Creative

The kit gives you everything you need. Works as described. Lets you craft your own original porch sign with a personal touch.

Michele M. (Hanover, US)

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Cathy H. (Jonesboro, US)
I love your product!

I have bought all of the boards and every size and font of the letters that Plata sells and love all of them. Christmas decorating is now inside and outside using their products.

Dawn T. (Washington, US)

This chalkboard is adorable versatile and comes with two sets of numbers which is awesome!

Terri C. (West Bloomfield, US)
Great Quality - Perfect Size

This oval placard is the perfect size to hang anywhere in your home as a welcome greeting, quote or saying. It’s very light weight and can nestle easily into a wreath, table arrangement or in an entrance to any room… so many uses!
I will use this for years to come!

Tammy S. (Lawrence, US)
Love my Plata Chalkboard!

Love the look and ease of use of the Plata Chalkboard! Can't wait to get more stencils to continue to update the board!

We've Got Answers!

Do you have questions?


How do I clean my chalkboard?

Cleaning your chalkboard is easy! Visit our How-To Guides for more information.

  • Spray or pour rubbing alcohol on your chalkboard (Lysol®️ Disinfectant Spray also works with amazing results).

  • Let sit 5 minutes

  • Rub with our sponge or a Mr. Clean®️ Magic Eraser (or generic version)

  • Rinse with water or a damp rag

  • Dry with a soft rag.

Presto- a clean canvas for your next holiday sign!

Will my chalkboard rust?

Our chalkboards are treated with special coatings to prevent rust and make them resistant to water. However, we advise against leaving your chalkboard in puddles of water or snow and suggest bringing it indoors during periods of high winds.

Can I hang the chalkboard?

Yes! Our chalkboard signs have been designed to hang in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. Each chalkboard comes with welded D rings in all four corners. To hang the chalkboard, just wrap a wire around the D rings to create a hanging chalkboard sign.

What is the material of the chalkboards?

Our magnetic chalkboards are manufactured to meet our high standards of quality. They are made from cold-rolled steel and coated with a porcelain enamel that prevents stains and ghosting from chalk markers.

Chalk Paint Pens

Will the chalk pens run in the rain?

Our pens are specially designed to prevent your wonderful chalkboard art from running or smudging in the rain.

What is the age range of the Chalk Pens? Are they safe for children?

Our Plata Paint Pens are completely safe to use and ideal for all ages, 3 and up. 

They are dust-free, non-toxic, and have passed safety tests conducted by Intertek Testing Laboratories to conform with ASTM 4236 and EN72.

Can I use the chalk pens on other surfaces?

Yes! Plata Paint Pens can be used on a variety of surfaces. Our paint pens can be erased from hard non-porous surfaces such as rocks, glass, varnished wood, and ceramics. However, on soft surfaces like fabric, unfinished wood, and paper, our pens are permanent.

  • Decorating t-shirts, sneakers & Halloween costumes

  • Painting rocks

  • Coloring Easter eggs 

  • Painting pumpkins

Magnetic Chalkboard Stencils

Are the stencils reusable?

Yes! Our stencils are designed to be durable, flexible, and reusable. They are made with a material that is three times thicker than regular plastic Mylar stencils, which gives them a sturdy and defined edge that works great with paint pens.

What should I do if a stencil gets bent?

Always store your stencils flat. If your stencil does gets bent, here is how to fix it:

  • Place stencil on your ironing board

  • Cover stencil with a t-shirt or piece of cotton

  • Turn your iron on the lowest heat setting

  • Quickly run your iron over the cotton covered stencil until the crease disappears

  • Let cool on a flat surface

Are Plata Chalkboards patented?

Yes! Our family is a proud holder of US Patent NO. 11,117,273 Method of Stenciling with a Magnetic Stenciling Apparatus.

Can I use the magnetic stencils on other surfaces?

Yes! The magnetic stencils can be used on any magnetic steel surface, such as:

  • mailboxes

  • Planters & flower pots 

  • Watering cans 

  • Milk cans

You can use on non-metal surfaces such as wood, by simply using a spray stencil adhesive.

Can't find an answer to your question?

Call us at or email us at info@platachalkboards.com

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