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Porch Chalkboard Sign Craft Kit

Easily Craft a New Signs for Every Season or Any Reason!

Complete Porch Chalkboard Sign Making Kit

  • (1) 58" x 7.5" Porcelain Steel Chalkboard
  • (1) Alphabet of 4" Magnetic Capital Letter Stencils
  • (1) Alphabet if 1"-4" Cursive Letter Stencils
  • (6) Waterproof Erasable Chalk Markers
  • (1) Eraser Sponge

Welcome Guests with Handcrafted Charm


Your porch is the first impression of your home, and with Plata Chalkboards, you can make it as vibrant and welcoming as your personality. Whether it's a sunny summer greeting or a cozy winter wish, your porch will echo your creativity and warmth. Step into a world where your imagination meets our tools, and together, we craft magic!


What's in the box?

Includes Everything You Need to Start Crafting Your Own Signs!

  • 🌟 Outdoor Porch Chalkboard Sign:

         - Size: 58" x 7" x .6". A big sign for a big statement!
         - Material: Porcelain enameled steel. Smooth writing, easy cleanup.
         - Weight: A sturdy 7 lbs. It's staying put, come rain or shine.
         - Finish: Weather-resistant coating for seasons of fun.

  • 🔠 4" Capital Letter Stencils:
    •     - Variety: Full alphabet with bonus A & E. Spell out anything!
    •     - Magnetic Magic: They stick without the sticky mess.
    •     - Durability: 3x thicker than regular stencils.
    •     -Storage: Comes with a resealable bag.

  • ✍️ 2-4" Alphabet of Cursive Lowercase Stencils:
    •     - Style: Makes perfect chalkboard lettering easy.
    •     - Perfect Pairing: Designed to harmonize with the capital letters.
    •     - Magnetic & Movable: Easy to place, easy to shift.
    •     - Storage: Comes with their own resealable bag too.

  • 🎨 6 Vibrant Chalk Pens:
    •     - Colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue & white.
    •     - Quality: Japanese tips for smooth doodling. Rainproof.
    •     - Safety: Kid-friendly, non-toxic and rated for ages 3+.
    •     - Ease: No drips, no messy brushes. Just uncap and craft.

  • 🧽 1 Eraser Cleaning Sponge:
    •     - Material: Melamine-base, similar to Mr. Clean Magic Eraser®️.
    •     - Efficiency: Wipes away chalk effortlessly.
  • How to Craft Your Perfect Chalkboard
    1. Prime Your Pens for Perfection:
      • 🌀 Shake your pen for about 20 seconds.
      • 🖊️ Get things flowing by pressing the tip on a napkin.
      • 🧽 Wipe away any leftover chalk paint and secure the cap.
      • 📏 Lay pens horizontally to maintain them.
    2. Position Those Stencils:
      • 🖐️ Place your chosen stencils onto the chalkboard.
      • 🖼️ Stand the board upright and adjust if needed.
    3. Let's Get Coloring:
      • ✍️ Trace inside the stencil, guided by its edge.
      • 🌈 Layer colors once the first shade dries.
      • 🎨 Mix colors and clean the pen tip afterward.
    4. Unveil Your Artistry:
      • 🪄 Gently remove the stencil to reveal your sign.

    Every sign you craft tells a story. Here's to endless seasons of crafting, joy, and a porch that feels like home. Cheers to your creativity! 🥂🍃

    How to Clean Your Chalkboard

    Refresh & Renew: Prepping Your Chalkboard 🧼

    1. Spray & Soak:
      • 🌬️ Mist with Original Windex®️ or Lysol Disinfectant Spray®️.
      • ⏳ Let it settle for easier cleanup.
    2. Erase with Ease:
      • 🧽 Rub away designs using the Eraser Sponge.
    3. Final Touch:
      • 🧣 Wipe any residue with a soft, lint-free rag.

    Keep your chalkboard fresh and ready for creativity! 🎨🌟

    Shipping & Return Policy
    • 🚚 Quick Shipping & 60 Return Policy

      Fast & Reliable Shipping:
      • 📆 Swift Dispatch: 1 business day processing.
      • 📬 We ship via USPS Priority Mail.
    • Hassle-Free Returns:
      • 🎨 Craft with Confidence: We love crafting signs and want you to too!
      • 🛍️ 60-Day Love-it ❤️ Guarantee: Return within 60 days for a full refund.
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    Plata Chalkboards DIY Chalkboard and Chalkboard Stencil Kits Debut on HSN

    Vertical outdoor chalkboard sign placed against house siding with 'happy st PATRICKS day' in green and white stencil letters, adorned with shamrock designs, handcrafted with chalk markers for fun outdoor St. Patrick's Day decoration Tall outdoor blackboard sign leaning against a house corner with 'happiness BLOOMS from within' stenciled in vibrant pink and green letters, accented with a blossoming flowers, created using a DIY chalkboard sign kit for an inspiring home sign Large chalkboard sign with 'BLESSED' stenciled white letters, accented with pink and yellow flowers at the top and bottom crafted with chalkboard letter stencils and flower stencils using chalk markers to create an inspirational chalkboard sign Decorative outdoor chalkboard sign with 'hello SUMMER' stenciled in bright yellow letters, surrounded by colorful butterflies and flowers, using spring chalkboard stencils and letter stencils to create a cheerful welcome sign Outdoor chalkboard porch sign displaying 'hello SUMMER' stenciled bold, pink letters, accented with pink tropical flowers standing by a white door with a cat peeking through, created with chalkboard letter stencils and flower stencils to create a tropical summer welcome sign Tall black magnetic chalkboard sign beside a red door, stenciled 'hello SUNSHINE' in white letters with bright yellow sunflowers invoking a cheerful, sunny welcome, created with chalkboard paint letter stencils and sunflower stencils to create a DIY summer welcome sign Tall, vertical large chalkboard sign by a blue front door reading 'it's SUMMER time' in yellow and white stenciled letters, accented with sunflower designs, made with a DIY outdoor signs kit using magnetic chalkboard stencils and erasable paint markers for a seasonal welcome Outdoor blackboard sign next to a green door with 'home of the FREE because of the BRAVE' in blue and red lettering, made using magnetic chalkboard stencils and paint markers, creating a poignant 4th of July decoration that honors bravery and freedom Large chalkboard sign placed against a house siding, spelling out 'WELCOME' in red, white and blue painted letters flanked by patriotic star designs, crafted with a DIY sign kit to create a vibrant 4th of July greeting sign Outdoor blackboard sign saying 'FALL means FOOTBALL' stenciled in bold orange letters with a white football stencil, placed beside a house door crafted with DIY sign kit to create a football themed welcome sign Handmade outdoor Halloween sign displaying 'HOCUS POCUS' in bold white letters against a black background, decorated with spider and bat designs, made using magnetic chalkboard stencils and erasable markers  to craft a DIY Halloween sign Black vertical chalkboard sign standing by a front door with 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN' in white and orange stenciled letters, enhanced with a pumpkin design and made using magnetic letter stencils and chalk markers from a DIY porch sign kit, with a dog peering from behind the glass door. Vertical outdoor chalkboard sign placed beside a blue siding door with 'WELCOME' stenciled in bold, white letters, adorned with snowflake designs and a blue gnome at the bottom crafted with gnome sign stencils, handcrafted porch welcome sign Tall chalkboard sign hanging between window shutters, with 'JOY to the WORLD' in colorful letters, snowflake accents and a smiling snowman at the bottom, created with chalkboard stencils to create a Christmas sign Handmade outdoor blackboard sign mounted on a brick wall with 'WELCOME HOME' in large, white stenciled letters, embellished with snowflake accents, created using a DIY sign kit with magnetic chalkboard stencils and chalk markers for a winter welcome sign Decorative outdoor blackboard sign colored to create a penguin with 'BRR' written in blue letters, topped with an orange winter hat and blue scarf, assembled using a craft kit with magnetic stencils and chalk markers, adding a playful touch to outdoor winter decor.

    Crafting Your Signs

    As Easy as 1,2,3!

    How to place welcome sign letter stencils on a board to create a custom porch sign chalkboard sign
    How to place welcome sign letter stencils on a board to create a custom porch sign chalkboard sign

    1. Place Stencils

    Easy to place and reposition- sticks without the icky stickiness!

    How to paint letter stencils to make a vertical porch chalkboard welcome sign
    How to paint letter stencils to make a vertical porch chalkboard welcome sign

    2. Trace Stencils

    Color the stencils with pens- no drippy brushes to clean, no muss no fuss.

    How to remove letter stencils from board without stencil bleed
    How to remove letter stencils from board without stencil bleed

    3. Remove and...Ta-Da!

    Lift the stencil and reveal your amazing art!

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    How Plata Chalkboards help

    Welcome Every Season

    How to add details to your stencil art- wait until stencil paint is dry, then using paint pen add details

    ✨ Tips & Tricks to Gnome-orable Signs✨

    ✨Easy Peasy Creativity ✨

    Discover the magic of color mixing, layering, and more in our handy how-to guide.

    Discover the magic of color mixing, layering, and more in our handy how-to guide.

    woman making a DIY welcome sign porch chalkboard with Plata Chalkboards craft kit
    woman crafting a DIY welcome sign porch chalkboard with large letter stencils and sunflower stencil using Plata Chalkboards craft kit
    Karen, the Founder of Plata Chalkboards making an outdoor porch chalkboard sign with Plata, her daughters stuffed platypus

    Meet Plata❤️

    Meet Plata❤️

    Plata, a very well-loved purple stuffed platypus and my daughter's go-everywhere best friend. Our products, like Plata, are one-of-a-kind and fun that bring joy wherever they go!

    Plata, a very well-loved purple stuffed platypus and my daughter's go-everywhere best friend. Our products, like Plata, are one-of-a-kind and fun that bring joy wherever they go!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Kristine H.1.B.C.N.F.3. (Cape Coral, US)
    L O V E!

    To say that I love my Plata Chalkboard would be an understatement. I enjoy being able to create the signs I want, when I want, with whatever message I want. I’ve had my sign for over two years and am constantly getting comments on just how cool it is. Now my two year old loves to “help mama” make signs too! Soon enough she will have her own! BONUS: the Facebook group is an amazing place to share signs, ideas, and cheer each other’s creativeness on!

    Trina H. (Dawsonville, US)
    Porch Sign

    My Mama gifted me the large porch sign for Christmas. It is such a great gift! My daughter (10) helped me decorate it right away! I think we will be fighting over who gets to draw on it next! ;) I love how it is completely customizable and easy to decorate. She gave me a few of the stencil bundles to go with it as well. I love all the options and I’m already thinking what I can put on it next. It is very high quality, but not so heavy that I can’t handle it myself.

    Hope S. (Brooklyn, US)
    So much easy fun!

    These boards are so much fun and easy to use. Can’t wait to change it month after month!

    Kelly S.D. (Apollo Beach, US)
    Fun Chalk Board

    I just purchased a new home and I was super excited to get this board. Now I can have fun creating signs for all the changing seasons and social events. Cant wait to draw again.

    Heather M. (Burlington, US)
    Porch chalkboard sign

    I loved that I can do this myself without investing in some fancy machine! I had fun creating my own saying for the season and it was so easy to do! I love it!!

    Chris G. (St. Petersburg, US)

    Delivery and Product are great. Our nieces loved the gift.

    Mary S. (Wayne, US)
    Easy To Be Creative

    The kit gives you everything you need. Works as described. Lets you craft your own original porch sign with a personal touch.

    Michele M. (Hanover, US)

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

    Cathy H. (Jonesboro, US)
    I love your product!

    I have bought all of the boards and every size and font of the letters that Plata sells and love all of them. Christmas decorating is now inside and outside using their products.

    deborah S.P. (Pelham, US)
    Pure fun.

    Got my new chalk board and decorated it the day after Thanksgiving. It was very easy to use and what I like is you don't have to have cookie cutter decorations. You can have something unique. You can put what's in your heart. Thank you Plata Chalkboards.

    Questions? We are here to help!

    Craft a new sign every day or craft one beautiful sign and keep forever. Your design will not smudge or run until you decide to clean your chalkboard.

    Yes! All our chalklboards have welded D-rings in three corners. Simply twist a wire around the rings to create a hanging chalkboard.

    We want you to love crafting your signs as much as our family does. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply ship it back to us within 60 days for a full refund.

    We contracted one of the leading independent testing laboratories, Intertek, so perform a wide range of tests on our pens to verify the safety of our pens and compliance with ASTM 4236 and EN72 safety standards. Our pens are deemed safe for children over 3 years of age.

    We are here for you! We can be reached Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm EST by phone (617) 903-7089 or email us at and we will get back to you within 1 business day.


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