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Signs of Hope

Karen Ardinger Creator of Plata Chalkboards Holding a Oval Plata Chalkboard that says #istayhomefor Grammy Pat

We were thrilled when the Sentinel & Enterprise Newspaper wanted to publish a story about us, but were over the moon when their article Plata Chalkboards’ Signs of Hope was on the front page of the Sunday paper!

They reached out to us to discuss our contributions to Feeding America and our #istayhomefor free magnetic stencil promotion for our chalkboard signs. Although we are small (but hopefully growing!) company, we wanted to contribute what we could to help make a difference during this crazy unprecedented time.

So, during March & April 2020 we donated 20% of each sale to Feeding America to aid in their effort to help food banks battle the onslaught of new need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our donations helped serve over 900 meals to needy families 😊!

Overview of Crafting a Chalkboard with Chalkboard Stencils and Chalk Markers Picture submitted by one of our customers during Pandemic- #istayhomefor you and me outdoor chalkboard signAfter seeing Kevin Bacon’s #istayhomefor challenge on Instagram, we knew we could also be a part of helping remind people that social distancing is not just good for ourselves, but also for those we love 💗. So, we gave away a free magnetic chalkboard stencil with every stencil or chalkboard sign ordered- the hashtag #istayhomefor. Our customers could craft a custom chalkboard porch sign to remind them who is important to them every time they left their home!

Pandemic Covid Outdoor Sign -Plata Porch Chalkboard next to door crafted with #istayhomefor stencil says I stay home for PhillyCustomer picture of their DIY Plata Chalkboard - Stay Home Outdoor Sign Our customers are amazing and creative! They used our chalkboard kits that come with individual magnetic stencil letters and our waterproof paint chalk markers to craft personalized signs for their homes. Simply lining up the magnet letters let our customers craft the reason they choose to stay home! I love all the signs- they are all so unique and positive during this trying time!


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