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How our small business found our way to working with QVC & HSN!

About Us

Entering the Contest - 
A 1 in 2400 Chance!

In July of last year, QVC/HSN announced the return of the Big Find for 2020. We knew it was our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get our chalkboard stencil kits in front of the millions of faithful QVC/HSN customers. Our first step was to create and submit a 2 minute video to showcase our unique products and brand story. We created this video (starring the adorable Plata) to the Big Find for 2020.

Plata Chalkboards
1 of 270 Companies Awarded QVC/HSN the Big Find Golden Ticket!

Plata Chalkboards was chosen out of 2400 companies from over 60 countries to be awarded the Golden Ticket- giving us the opportunity to pitch our products live to QVC & HSN! Our family had worked so hard for so long to make Plata Chalkboards a reality, that this opportunity was a dream come true to help our small family business! Plata Chalkboards, along with 270 other companies, were given the chance to pitch our products live over video conference to a panel of QVC and HSN merchandising executives, program hosts, and brand founders, as well as returning winners from 2019.

QVC HSN Big Find Product Find Winner Plata Chalkboards- Karen Ardinger and Jeff Ardinger holding Big Ticket for their chalkboard sign and chalkboard stencil kits to create outdoor welcome signs and holiday signs craft kits and DIY Welcome Signs- Big Find Quarate Retail Group
About us

Big Find Interview

I was so nervous, but when I saw the genuine expression of encouragement on the panelists faces, I was able to take a deep breath and tell our story. I shared how it all began after taking the small chalkboard used as a photobooth prop from my in-laws 50th Anniversary party and placed in on my front door as a Christmas sign. How I loved how personal, how un-generic, how un-mass made it felt to come home to my homemade signs but got tired of remaking my signs every time it rained. Then the eventual AHA moment- what if the stencil letters were magnetic and the markers were waterproof? Then anyone could make their own holiday and welcome signs for their home! And then of course, I told them about Plata- my daughter’s best friend, a stuffed purple platypus- like our chalkboards she’s waterproof & unique!

Plata Chalkboards Gets the QVC/HSN Big Find Big Ticket!

Plata Chalkboards was one of 90 companies from the Big Find 2020 to be invited to become part of the QVC/HSN family of brands! It was a stunning surreal moment- the kids danced around the room while we tried to let it actually sink in- we won The QVC and HSN Big Ticket! QVC and HSN experiences emphasize joy, inspiration, humanity, and the unique story and personality behind each brand, we truly believe our fun and unique chalkboards exemplify these ideals. QVC and HSN have long traditions of launching and fostering the growth of some of today’s most successful brands through the power of live video storytelling, discovery-driven shopping experiences, and loyal customer community-building. Over the years, the two retailers have helped multiple entrepreneurial brands become national and international success stories- we are truly in awe of this wonderful opportunity before us! 


We designed HSN exclusive chalkboards and stencil kits-
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