Tips & Tricks for Plata Paint Markers

Here's our big collection of advice for using our chalk paint pens- learn the variety of ways to use our paint pens & chalkboard stencils together to craft your own DIY holiday signs!

Starting & Improving Paint Pen Flow

To start the ink flowing, shake the pen well with the cap on. Depress the tip up and down against the chalkboard until the ink flows to the tip. The pens work best when at room temperature. If it's hot or humid, the ink may flow more quickly and may flood your design. Simply put your markers in refrigerator for 5-10 minutes to improve their performance!

Fixing Uneven Paint Tips

If your pen tips pens get worn down and uneven overtime, simply use a nail file to re-shape the tip. Slowly twist the marker pen in one hand while gently filing the tip with the other until the tip is even all the way around.

Blending & Layering Paint Pen Colors

Blend colors while paint is still wet & layer colors after the paint has dried

Method 1: Blending Colors

Choose the colors you would like to blend. Color inside the stencil taking care not to go too close to the stencil edge. Use your second pen color to gently trace the edge of the stencil. Use your paint pen to connect & mix the two colors for a beautiful effect! Our paint pens dry quickly, so make sure you blend your colors right away.

Method 2- Blending Colors

This option lets you create your own custom colors or add details like shading or highlights. On a disposable plastic plate, push your pen tip up & down to release a bit of paint. Dip a different color pen into the paint to pick up some of the color & apply to your design. Alternatively, you can expel the paint from two or more colors and mix them right on the plate to make a brand new color!

Method 3- Layering Colors

Layer colors to add more detail to your designs! Fill in your chalkboard stencil with your primary color or colors. The paint will dry in 3-4 minutes depending on the thickness of the layer of paint. Once dry, gently glide your secondary color over to add

Painting Stencil Letters

fancy or plain- here are some ideas for your next chalkboard sign

Method 1: Outlining the Letter Stencils

To create just an outline of the letters, carefully trace the inside of the stencil.

Method 2: Letter Stencil Fill & Outlines

Fill in the stencil, when the paint is dry, gently & carefully trace the inside of the stencil with your second color.

Method 3: Mixing Paint Pen Colors

Add one color to the center of the stencil, while the paint is still wet, trace the inside of the stencil with your second color, mixing the two in the middle.

Method 4: Small Offset Highlight

Fill in the stencil, when the paint is dry, pick up the stencil and move slightly to the left or right. Trace the inside of the stencil with your secondary color.

Method 5: Large Offset Highlight

This one takes patience, but I love the result! Fill in your stencil, when the paint is dry, move over 5 mm and using a secondary color trace just the left side of the stencil.

More Tips for Plata Pens & Stencils

After using the stencils, wipe with a paper towel & vinegar to remove any excess paint.

  • If the paint bleeds under the stencil, use a cotton swab dipped in vinegar to clean the edge. Alternatively, you could use the black pen (found in the 12 pack) to simply paint over the area you'd like to fix!
  • The paint is removable on hard non-porous surfaces like ceramics, stone, glass or plastic. The paint is permanent on soft porous materials such as fabric, painted surfaces or wood. Always check a small area of your material before stating your project!
  • Plata Paint pens & magnetic stencils can be used on more than just chalkboards! Combine with our magnet stencils to decorate any metal surface! Use to decorate watering cans, planters or your mailbox.
  • Need some ideas for how you can use your paint pens? Use the paint pens to craft your own DIY Christmas ornaments, add special touches to your DIY Halloween costumes, paint special rocks and stones to remember your vacations, craft one-of-a-kind personalized mugs for friends & family (hand wash these special items only), decorate your windows for the holidays. The possibilities are endless!
  • Always use a Magic Eraser (or generic version) and vinegar or acetone nail polish remover to remove the paint. If your chalkboard has been in the direct sun, using acetone will make cleaning your chalkboard quick & easy!
  • After using the stencils, wipe with vinegar and a paper towel to remove any excess ink.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after using the paint pens.
  • Plata Paint Pens are water-based and odorless. They comply with ASTM D-4236 and EN 71-3. Suitable for ages 12 and up.


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