How to Remove Ink from the Chalkboard

get a clean slate for your next chalkboard creation!

How to remove Chalk Marker from a chalkboard with vinegar acetone Magic Eraser

Apply Vinegar or Acetone

Pour vinegar or acetone directly onto the chalkboard and spread over the design. The longer you let the vinegar sit, the easier it will be to remove the ink.

Rub with Magic Eraser

Take a Magic Eraser (or the generic version) and rub the chalkboard in a circular motion to remove the ink. If your chalkboard has been in the direct sun, use an acetone based nail polish remover for a quick and easy fix.

Wipe with a Rag

Use a soft rag to adsorb the vinegar. Avoid using paper towels, since they may leave behind lint.  Our chalkboards are non-porous, so the ink will remove completely from the chalkboard without leaving "ghosting" or traces of your past design.  You are now ready to craft your next creation! 

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