How-To Align Stencil Letters

No more crooked slanted lines! Crafting your own DIY chalkboard lettering is easy with these magnetic letter alignment guides.
How to Line Up Stencils Letters on a Plata Oval Chalkboard
How to Line up Stencil Letters for DIY Porch Sign



  • Add the magnetic zig-zag guides vertically at the ends of the chalkboard
  • Place the long magnetic guide horizontally across the chalkboard, fitting the v shaped end into the zig-zag guide
  • Place the letters along the horizontal guide to keep your letters nice & straight! The bottoms of the letters are flat to make alignment easier.



  • Helpful Hint- 1. If you would like your letters closer together, simply overlap the stencils or place and fill one letter of the word at a time.

Helpful Hint- 2. Use a pencil to make light marks on your chalkboard to help center your words! 

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