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Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
Oval Chalkboard
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Create a personalized outdoor sign for your home!   Easily craft your message with our patent pending magnetic letter stencils and waterproof chalk paint markers. Choose your message, line up the magnetic stencils using our handy magnetic guides & fill in with the chalk paint markers and voila...your own unique sign. It's perfect chalkboard lettering every time!

Craft a chalkboard holiday sign for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter or personalize with your last name or address. When you are ready for a change, simply wipe with vinegar or acetone & a Magic Eraser to craft another chalkboard sign!

Everything you need to create your own beautiful chalkboard signs is included: Chalkboard, Magnetic Letter Stencils & Waterproof Chalk Markers!



14" x 11" x .5" Magnetic Steel Oval Non-Porous Chalkboard- can be hung vertically or horizontally.  Weatherized for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Number Stencils measuring 4.5"
  • Capital Letter Stencils measuring 1.8" H .Full Alphabet plus extra a & e included!
  • Cursive Lowercase Magnetic Stencils measuring .5" to 1.8". Full Alphabet (with extra a & e) plus numbers 0-9
  • Magnetic Stencil Letter Alignment Guides- keep your letters straight & centered with our easy to uses guides.  Simply put the guides along the edges of the chalkboard and place your magnetic letters along the center guide.  No more crooked lines!

WATERPROOF CHALK PAINT MARKERS - no brushes to clean! 

6 Vibrant Colors- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & White will make your designs pop and waterproof formula means your art will not disappear in the rain!
Water based formula is waterproof, but easily dissolves when rubbed with vinegar or acetone & Magic Eraser!

Add More Fun

Mix & match our seasonal stencils to craft your one of a kind sign!

Get Inspired

Our customers love our chalkboards and we love receiving pictures of their unique signs! Browse their creative signs and get inspired to create your own masterpeice.

Get Inspired

What Our Customers Are Saying...


Got my new chalk board and decorated it the day after Thanksgiving. It was very easy to use and what I like is you don't have to have cookie cutter decorations. You can have something unique. You can put what's in your heart. Thank you Plata Chalkboards.

Deborah, NH


I just purchased a new home and I was super excited to get this board. Now I can have fun creating signs for all the changing seasons and social events. Cant wait to draw again.

Kelly, FL

Great Porch Board

I really like the Plata chalkboard and love its versatility. I received several compliments on it and I am the only one with a Porch Board that doesn't say Welcome. What a great idea!

Dee, MO


I love my new Plata porch chalkboard! It’s so fun and easy to use. The crafty letter and design stencils can make anyone look and feel artistic! I’m looking forward to decorating and displaying mine throughout the seasons.

Heather, NJ

Awesome Chalkboard

I'm so happy with my purchase of the Plata porch chalkboard. It's simple to use, looks amazing, and easy to clean!

Meghan, OH

So Much Fun!

These chalkboards are so much fun! It's like coloring Easter eggs, Paint Night & making a puzzle all rolled into one!

Lee Ann, MA

So Much
Easy Fun!

These boards are so much fun and easy to use. Can’t wait to change it month after month!

Hope, CT

          "You can't use use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have." 

Maya Angelo